It seems like a lifetime ago that cast and crew were crammed into a bedroom in a Devon bungalow desperately trying to get the re-shoots done in time. And yet even writing it down still induces a dull sense of impending doom within me. 

Turns out it hasn't even been a year yet, who knew? But since then Pink has gone on to premier at the Two Short Nights Film Festival at Exeter Phoenix, and be selected for the 2017 Corvallis Queer Film Festival in the USA of which it featured in the program earlier this year. 

Pink will go on to be a part of the program at the 2017 Thessaloniki International LGBTQ Film Festival in Greece from the 29th of September to the 4th of October and I am pleased to announce that it has also been selected to feature at the 2017 World of Film International Festival in Glasgow, which runs from the 28th of September to the 1st of October.

Our lovely cinematographer James and I are aiming to be in Glasgow at the end of September to cover SQUIFF for the LGBTQ Review, so who knows, we might even get to actually see Pink at a festival for once! 

Once again thank you to everyone that was involved in making Pink happen, you're all my favourite people in the world!