Edinburgh Fringe 2016

For the 3rd year in a row I will be returning to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and for once I will not be staying in a shipping container in a swamp, or half an hour out side the city! Although both did turn out to be enjoyable, if not slightly muddy experiences. I’ll will be in the actual city this year, almost.

This year I was lucky enough to be awarded a place on the Emerging Producers Development Program, so not only am I able to shave 7 hours off my journey from Devon to Edinburgh by travelling on the train instead of the Megabus (I’ll miss you 3am service station stops), but I will also be able to see lots of excellent performance without the impending doom of having to dissect it. I'll have the opportunity to meet lots of other Emerging Producers and attend some great industry workshops and events, which is something I am really looking forward to.

I’ll be returning to Three Weeks magazine to review what the 2016 festival has to offer, and also be reviewing a couple of comedy shows for the Arts Award Voice Magazine.

The wonderful Forest Fringe will be in it’s 10th year this Fringe, and they’ve got lots going on in celebration. I’ll be heading back to the Drill Hall, holding buckets, guarding doors and desperately trying not to knock anything over for the duration.

AND if that didn’t all seem like a scheduling nightmare, I’ll also be doing a little something something for PopUp! Scotland at C Venues. Their theme this year is Inner Peace/Inner Demons, and I’ll be running with it on Saturday the 6th of August.